Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge (also known simply as “Edge” or “codename “Spartan””) is a free to download web browsing software developed by Microsoft exclusively for the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft Edge is the newest browser developed by Microsoft, offering all of the benefits of Internet Explorer without any of the drawbacks. A true powerhouse of a browser, Microsoft Edge is the pinnacle of browser evolution among a sea of weaker alternatives.Simple, efficient, and easy to pick up and learn, Microsoft Edge offers everything you’d expect from a browser and then some. With standard features like tabbed browsing, bookmarks, a download manager, and more, Microsoft Edge will never leave you wanting. Don’t go thinking that’s all it offers though, in fact Microsoft Edge offers a number of features that no other browser can offer. Let’s take a quick look at exactly what makes Microsoft Edge the absolute beast of a browser that it is.

Microsoft Edge offers full Cortana support, which is great news for anyone looking to use their browser more efficiently. Cortana is a fully functional personal assistant that has been programmed to understand a seemingly endless number of voice and text commands in order to streamline your browsing. Why try to navigate through complicated, frustrating menus when you could just ask Cortana?
Efficient User Interface
Microsoft Edge has followed Microsoft’s recent design philosophy and that’s a very good thing. The Microsoft Edge user interface is extremely efficient, allowing you access to everything you need to get to the websites you want to visit as quickly as possible.
Web Note
Microsoft Edge offers full touch screen support with Web Note, providing additional functionality to mobile and tablet users. Need to make a note? Draw or write directly onto the web page. Save your notes for later, or wipe them as soon as you’re done with them.
Reading List & Reading View
Microsoft Edge also offers two very unique features, Reading List and Reading View, that allow you to save articles and similar content to read later without ads, popups, and similar distractions. Don’t have time to read an article now? No problem, just save it on your desktop and read it on your mobile device later. Simple.
Fully Customizable
Finally, Microsoft Edge is fully customizable. With tons of settings available, no two browsers are alike. Pin items to your Start menu, search through a massive library of themes, adjust your zoom levels, and more with ease.

With all the features you’d want from a browser and then some, Microsoft Edge will take you on a journey alongside the newest generation of technology, leaving you wondering why you didn’t make the leap sooner.