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“ŚNIEG” – Kazimiera Horbowska & Adam Aston

Composed by Pierre Arezzo as "Le plus joli rêve", and published first 1911 in Paris, by Edition Aux Mélodies Nouvelles, a song which became soon popular in all Europe.

In Poland, the song attained great fame soon after the WW I with lyrics made by the poetess, Zofia Bajkowska and titled “Śnieg“ (Snow). The piece is still known very well, under a bit longer little - “Puchowy śniegu tren” (A Downy Train of Snow).
The text presents a melodramatic story of a young poor girl begging on the road in heavy snow; one day that road was crossed by the sleigh in which a rich young man was riding; he noticed beauty of the young beggar and decided to take her to the sleigh which got them to his home with a warm ambience and a fire-pace; the night for a couple was even warmer but when the morning came the landlord felt tired and bored by the presence of his guest and he coldly dismissed her; the girl went away sobbing and the man soon forgot about his latest adventure; one day, however, when he was riding in his sleighs again he noticed on the same road a stiff corps of the same girl lying in the snow; he passed that scene by - indifferently and a little bit bored. –

In the video, big parts of two recordings of the song: acoustic 1923/24 made by the singer and actress Kazimiera Horbowska for Warsaw Beka company and another one, made more than ten years later by Adam Aston for Syrena-Electro.
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