Vaya Con Dios Nah Neh Nah Yamaha Tyros 5 Roland G70 By Rico

Vaya Con Dios Nah Neh Nah Yamaha Tyros 5 Roland G70 By Rico

Only Bass Rhythm and Guitar Alleen Bass Ritme En Guitaar

"Nah neh nah" is een single van Vaya Con Dios uit 1990 en opvolger van hun nummer 1 hit "What's a Woman". Het nummer is de tweede single afkomstig van hun tweede studioalbum Night Owls. De single bevatte naast de titelnummer het liedje "Pack your memories"

"Nah Neh Nah" is a song by Belgian band Vaya Con Dios. It was released in 1990 as the first single from the band's second studio album, Night Owls. The music video consists of one single take.

The song has been covered by Italian DJ Rico Bernasconi in 2010, and by German house duo Milk & Sugar in 2011.

Vaya Con Dios (Spanish for "Go with God") was a Belgian music act, that stood out for its mixing of styles, as well as the distinctive voice of its lead singer Dani Klein. It was one of the most successful Belgian music acts ever, having sold more than 7 million albums and more than 3 million singles.[1]

It was founded in 1986, but since 1991 Vaya Con Dios was for the most part a one woman band, centered on singer, lyricist, band leader and (co-)producer Dani Klein, reinforced by an ever changing selection of musicians. As of 2014, Dani Klein was performing her last international tour under the Vaya Con Dios formula. Vaya Con Dios officially stopped with their last concert on Saturday 25 October 2014, in Vorst Nationaal.