Safari (also known as “Apple Safari”) is a free to download web browser developed by Apple Inc. for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS operating systems. In 2003 Apple finally decided it was ready to enter into the browser wars with their own compact browser, Safari. Since then, Safari has become the standard browser on all Apple products, including laptops, phones, tablets, MP3 players, and even compatible televisions.Simplicity is key with Safari, and it really shows within the software. With a clean, sleek user interface that’s easy to get used to, Safari is easily one of the easiest browsers to get started with. Don’t let the straightforwardness of the program scare you off though, Safari comes packed with useful features that users around the world will swear by. Let’s take a look at exactly what Safari does to set itself apart from other, similar programs.

Pinned Websites
Safari remembers the websites you visit most often and keeps them updated for you in real time. Email and social media will always be ready and waiting for you as soon as you open up Safari, ensuring that you’ll always be connected.
Spotlight Suggestions
Safari Spotlight Suggestions automatically populates search fields for you with suggestions from a number of sources including Wikipedia, iTunes, Maps, Weather, News, and more.
Share Menu
Safari Share Menu allows you to instantly share anything you’ve found online through Safari. With a single click of the Share button you can effortlessly send links to anyone, anywhere.
Safari Reader offers optimized reading layouts for news stories and web articles, allowing you to focus on what you’re trying to read without the distraction of ads, popups, and similar annoyances. Reader also allows for full customization, giving you control over font size and style, as well as low-light and night themes.
Performance Options
Safari is the lowest impact browser available with a full suite of performance options aimed at helping you get the most out of your battery life. Low battery? No problem!
Safe & Secure
Safari offers a number of privacy options, including private browsing windows, full protection from harmful websites, third-party cookie blocking, malware protection, and more.
Cross-Device Syncing
Finally, Safari offers seamless syncing across multiple devices. All of your information is stored within the iCloud, meaning it can be accessed from any Apple device, no matter where you are. Never find yourself disconnected again.

While Safari may not be the most popular browser available, it still packs quite a punch. With a special kind of simplicity you won’t find in other browsers, Safari avoids all the clunkiness while offering the same standard features and then some.